My Nights are Brighter than your Days
Some people spend all week at the office, awakening at night from nightmares about conflicts with their superiors. They pose as loyal servants to the people, yet are stressed with fear of everything, without knowing why. Others are layabouts, sleeping through the day, then trying to make a quick buck. Some are certain that the order of things is just as it ought to be, and that their lives just happen to be horrid examples of the Wheel of Samsara.

At the end of the week, all these different people head for the bar. It's warm-up time till midnight, drinks at half-price. Then the stereo explodes on the dance floor and the party slides into madness. Partnerships are struck at the bar or on the dance floor, and continued at home or in the toilets for those who can't wait. In the morning, taxi drivers haul away the lonely, half-asleep left-over people. But 'normality' is resumed only for a while - no more than 5 days - and then again the lure of the bar takes over.

The stability of all social layers hinges on this dynamic. Stress yourself out, then relax and recuperate - and all is well. Some would call it an evasion of reality. But what is this reality? Crises, wars and elections? Television will provide you with all of that just fine, and no one thinks of office life as real anyway. Reality is here and now, without past or future. Eternity can be attained only when alcohol consumption halts the functioning of the brain. And there it is, then, reality, unfolding.